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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 31, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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mcsweeney with a literal look at the storm impact there. >> reporter: yeah. you're talking about explosive. let's take a look at explosive. a lightning bolt coming down in berkley this afternoon. what you are seeing behind me used to be about an 80-foot redwood tree, cut down to size, maybe 20, 25 feet by a lightning bolt that tor through here about 1:25 this afternoon. take a look at what that redwood tree, what happened to it. it went all over the neighborhood. it went next door where there is a huge piece of the tree there. in fact, the woman who lives next door walked out, looked at it and said maybe i'll make an a canoe out of that. it went out across the street. a piece of the redwood tree, maybe the size of a bowling ball went right through the plaster on a house across the street, right down to the chicken wire.
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broke windows in the neighborhood. i talked to a man who saw the whole thing. >> at first, the brightest thing i've ever seen in my life. brighter than the sun. huge size. like the sun, gigantic. and then the loudest noise i've ever heard in my life. and what looked like, like a scattering of like small things radiating out from it. >> reporter: now there was some discrepancy amongst the neighbors exactly how tall this redwood tree was before it was knocked down to size by this lightning strike. you can see the trees there size by side, one from the google map. judge for yourself just how tall that tree was. all over this neighborhood. you go a block in any direction, you can find pieces of that redwood tree about this size or larger that went through windows or landed harmlessly. the good news is nobody was hurt. four houses lost power and at
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least seven had roofs damaged. all right. thanks a lot. and across the bay in marin, another lightning strike caused this damage this afternoon. firefighters say the lightning hit another redwood tree. the impact blew out windows in two homes, sending glass flying. >> sounded like a big explosion, like a bomb went off. and several things fell off the wall in our house and the power went out. >> two people were inside one of those homes. remarkably, no one was hurt there either. roads remain slick. this is the 280-17 interchange. traffic moving along pretty well, but it could get worse during this evening commute. let's bring in christina. this was a mess potentially for traffic but great for our drought. >> reporter: fantastic news for our drought. that's exactly right. the storm started to come late
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in our rainy season, but better late than never. let's take a look at our 24-hour total from the south bay. we picked up just under an inch of a rain over the course of the day today in saratoga, almaden. now i do want to talk to you an a little bit about this snow. and what you may not realize is this snow is really the key, the mountains hold the key to our long-range werth future. snowpack supplies roughly one third of the water supply for the entire state. and sierra snow replenishes our water supply in the summer months. so we typically don't get much rain after april. may is typically dry and june as
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well. as we head into tomorrow, we have a very important snow survey, the april 1 snow survey is incredibly significant. i'm going to tell you exactly why coming up tonight at 6:00. stay tuned for that. but the good news is, we could see that total jump up just from the precipitation we picked up today. a good question, will they play ball? will it happen? nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there. the fans don't seem to mind the rain at all. >> reporter: they don't seem to mind at all. in fact, many came very prepared for the rain. this is the season ticket holder entrance that you're looking at right now. today there was a 100% chance of rain but no chance these fans were going to miss the start of
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baseball season. >> we do this every year. and, again, mother nature, what are you going to do? we're still here. we're still fans. >> reporter: the rain didn't make it easy for tailgaters to set up. but oakland a's fans say there's no other choice. >> it's all about baseball season. if you're a true fan, as you can see everyone around us, it's time to get out here. it's time to get out here. i don't know where they're at. come on, fans, get out here. >> hot dogs, the works. we're going to have a god time. >> reporter: the first pitch is set for 7:05. and they hope it won't be a repeat of saturday when the exhibition game was rained out. >> rain will stop by 5:00, 6:00. so we're hoping. we want the opener. we don't want to go home. >> reporter: earlier today, some people were trying to get their run and dog walks in before the downpours. >> very windy, feels like it's
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going to sprinkle, trying to get that last minute run. try to get her out and about, maybe she'll fall asleep and i can get some rest. >> reporter: one man was visiting from vancouver british columbia and said it reminded him of home. it just started raining pretty heavily again here at the coliseum. if you are planning to come out to the game tonight, i suggest you bring a warm jacket, some rain gear and possibly some money for a hot chocolate just in case. nbc bay area news. thank you. kudos to you and the 30,000 fans heading out to oakland tonight. the rain, flooding, it's a dangerous mix. this is 608 south in walnut creek. our traffic reporter is with us
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mi mike. >> some could have sworn the drops were as big as tennis balls. visibility is an issue. this is northbound past the coliseum. you can see southbound bogging down as well. there's reporting of flooding just south of the coliseum. the southbound lane still has blockage by water. the roads are not just damp but wet because of the earlier rain. slower, yes, but a lighter volume of traffic. this is caesar chavez day. the offices are closed. the blue means puddling. we have a live look out there for palo alto for 101. you do see the bottleneck still south of the university. we'll send it back to you. this will be an active week.
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our micro climate weather team is tracking all the changes. you can check it also in real time. go to our website. new details in the case of a 49ers player charged with hit-and-run. the man who witnessed it all is speaking out through his attorney. they say he hit a person on his bike. he tried to flee the scene and crashed into the witness' car. that's when the witness says he was threatened with brass knuckles. >> he was concerned about his family's safety. as far as finding out who it was, that all happened after the fact. it's a bit of a shock, because you don't expect that kind of behavior. >> chris culliver is facing hit-and-run charges and driving with a suspended license.
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also new at 5:00, a community is recovering from a norovirus outbreak. it happened at los gatos meadows. about 90 staffers and patients became sick. the dining area just reopened today. norovirus is extremely contagious. it can be very serious for young children and the elderly. asiana airlines admitted that its pilots made mistakes for the accident at sfo. but they say blame should be shared by the maker of the airplane and san francisco airport. the airline did acknowledge for the first time that the probable cause of the crash was that the plane was flying too slow. but asiana also claims the boeing 777 had inadequate the warning systems to warn the crew about problems. they also say that the air
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traffic controllers added to the crew's work loads with slow responses prior to the crash. the report mentioned that the pilots were overreliant on ought make, and boeing filed an accept report stating the plane functioned properly and boeing blamed the crash on air speed. just into the newsroom. a sketch of a man two women believe terrorized them in their home. governor jerry brown has harsh words for state senator leland yee. he had another day in court. we'll explain what happened next. and the deadline to set up for health care is upon us. the last minute glitch that slowed down the signups. then at 6:00, a whole lot of shaking going on. >> the real concern for an earthquake like this is whether or not it's a foreshock. >> after studying the recent
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now to our continuing coverage of a high profile corruption case. state senator leland yee faced a judge again today. bail remains at a half million while he awaits a possible indictment on gun trafficking and corruption charges. we have the first public words from the state senator since his arrest. >> reporter: well, we were there when state senator leland yee left his home today, but no one saw him come into the courtroom today. but when he left his home he seemed like his old self. he was media friendly and polite. state senator lee land yee acknowledging our presence outside his san francisco home this morning. he gave a friendly wave and said see you at the courthouse.
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once inside, yee didn't say a word, the judge making it clear that his bail will remain at half a million dollars as he awaits charges. >> this investigation had been going on since 2011. so a very good question is what took three years that raises questions of allocation of scarce federal resources, that raises a question of fairness to leland yee and fairness to the public. >> reporter: yee was arrested at his home last week. yee's attorney says he wonders if the government's case is as solid as it seems. >> did they have a doubt that they had a case themselves that they could make? >> reporter: we caught up with governor jerry brun today. he says yee, along with two other state elected officials
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who are facing legal troubles should step aside. >> all three, kluge mr. lee, yee, rather, should resign. i think that stands and hopefully that will take place as quickly as possible. >> reporter: raymond chow, says it will be tough to find an attorney because he's been so involved in the legal system. so the challenge now is to find a lawyer who does not have a conflict of interest. chow is in jail right now and being held without bail. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd. the clock is ticking. the deadline to sign up for obamacare is tonight at midnight. many people ended up in long lines at various help centers over the weekend helping to get some assistance with their paperwork and avoid a possible
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penalty. now it remains problematic. the health website w down again today. >> we'll allow them to finish the process. i can't imagine how fierce the criticism would be if we had an arbitrary cut off tonight. >> almost 7 million people have enrolled thus far for obamacare which meets the projections by the nonpartisan congressional budget office. some california lawmakers now want stricter accountability for those who care for our youngest children. the move to change laws was prompted by our investigation last month with the center for investigative reporting. and stephen stock first uncovered problems with child care oversight and he joins us now. >> after months of going through records and weeks of going undercover into day cares flout the bay area, we discovered a broken system, a system that
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currently leaves parents in the dark when it comes to getting information online about day cares. because of our story, state lawmakers are now speaking out and demanding action. there are now two different bills in sacramento that would improve and update the current system if passed. one law would require more frequent inspections of day cares. the other proposed law would require that inspection information be posted online so parents can easily read it. >> at the end of the day, we have a responsibility to our community. and to me it felt like common sense that we should have as much information as possible for parents to make an informed decision. >> one of the proposed bills has already made it through an assembly committee. now coming up tonight we will talk to these lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about the proposed changes and how our investigative team is taking its
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own action to make these records available for you online. that's all tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we'll see you then. and if you have a story for us, call our tip line. 1- 88-996-tips or send us an e-mail. let's bring in rob my yayed. >> fairfield now at an inch of rain, and how widespread these rapes are into the east bay and tri valley. numbers around a half inch to an inch. and it will probably add about the same totals during the day tomorrow. one thing you're going to notice as you step outside, we have clearing skies. the sun has come back, but the temperature is really chilly. there's no doubt that a cold front has moved through the bay area as the temperatures have dropped off. some of our temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s outside.
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if you look at the 24-hour temperature change you're looking at 10 to 15 degrees change. cold air is sinking in which is bringing our snow levels down to 4,000 feet right now and as low as 3500 feet during the day tomorrow. that was the first wave we saw come through with all the lightning and thunder. now another batch, and this is the trend we'll see over the next 24 hours. these bands of heavier showers. notice as you get up toward san francisco and oakland, you saw the clearing skies there. and up toward the east bay, still some showers up there. we hope we catch a break with the oakland a's opener. don't let your guard down. we've got all of this to get through on tuesday. this is cold air aloft. thunderstorms offshore, and this is an environment where we can get thunderstorms at night
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around the bay area. so as you head out to the coliseum tonight, we're hoping we get some passing showers. but, again, it's going to be quite chilly. 24 hour forecast. rain easing off at times. then these waves of passing showers coming through. some of them a little intense at times for the morning commute. so instead of widespread rain you're seeing bands of showers pass through. as you look at our rainfall totals, likely doubling by this time tomorrow. we'll probably get at least 1 to 2 inches of rain out of this system. for the sierra, at elevations above 3500 feet, adding another foot or two of snow. winter-like driving conditions continue. this is a little shot in the arm for our sierra snowpack. south of highway 50 will see a
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chance of more snow during the week. if you make plans for the weekend, as you can see on the seven day forecast, the light at the end of the tunnel is more sunshine. but for tomorrow, cool day, 50s and 60s outside. look out for some scattered showers and thundershowers. back to you. and coming up next, we'll he show you who police are looking for after a driver crashed a car into a building. also texting while driving. keep your hands off those smartphones. what it could cost you if you are caught.
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a home invasion robbery suspect remains on the run tonight. police say the suspect used a gun to force his way into a home
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in pleasant hill last night. he then locked up the two victims. they were locked up in a bedroom. he got away with jewelry, electronics and the victim's car. that kpcar is a volkswagen pass. police just released this sketch of the suspect. he's about 6 feet tall with a beard. a driver slammed into a building and ran away. it happened around 2:30 this morning near the corner of 21st and fulsome. the driver and passenger were both women and both fled the scene. drivers who text behind the wheel now have another reason to put that phone down. not only is it extremely dangerous, but the chp and dozens of law enforcement
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agencies are starting a crackdown. 70% of california drivers had been hit or nearly hit by a driver talking on texting on a cell phone. the ticket price for a first offense is $161. after that it jumps to $281. a lenglegendary coach is st down. month ggomery is 67 years old. he made a jump to the nba coaching the warriors in 2004. and then in 2008, he became head coach at cal where he led the bears to their first pac-12 title in 50 years. >> it's all good. it's all positive. it's all for the right reasons. i feel really good about my decision at this time. i just think it's time. >> montgomery was named pac 12
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coach of the year four times in his career. >> don't go, mike. we need you at cal. one final look at our traffic and weather. stay with us.
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we'll be back in about 30 minutes with our 6:00 news. it was a lomg time coming. these bay area women got a vip treatment, guess where -- at the white house today. there's the vice president. we'll show you what they did decades ago that earned them the
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special treatment they're getting right now in washington, d.c. let's get a check of the roads. how bad is it? >> not as bad as it could be because some businesses and schools are closed because of chavez day. the traffic and weather systems are tied together. look at this. fremont, here's slow. not a lot of winds, but it is wet and tough for visibility as the mist hits your windshield. we'll give you a live look across palo alto. water really kicking off of the roadway for the cars behind you. soupy conditions both south and north toward the bay bridge. there's also wind advisories for the san mateo bridge. so it could get a little dicey to cross the bay. if you don't want to drive, mike can drive for you. >> yes, i think that would be a great idea. i was on the bay bridge today, woo, it was scary.
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more thundershowers still in the forecast tonight. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. nightly news is next. >> goodnight. on our broadcast tonight, dire warning. the prediction tonight that climate change could destabilize human society. the american cities under threat along with food and water supplies. deadline day. the final hours to sign up for health care or face a penalty, which today meant a new surge and new glitches. new recall. gm recalling over a million more cars as the woman in charge, the new ceo, out to fix some new problems is set to go before congress. and reversing diabetes. the surprising and positive side effects of weight loss surgery for potentially millions of patients. "nightly news" begins now.